Kristen Stewart Topless in “On The Road”!

OMG! I was just about to quit for the night. I find these, from a movie I have never heard of, of a girl I want so bad it hurts. Kristen Stewart goes topless in this movie “On The Road”. And, as soon as I am done making this post I am going to see if it’s available for download!


Kristen Stewart Topless

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Kristen Stewart Takes Her Top Off

Kristen Stewart Nude In Car

Kristen Stewart Sweet Side Boob At Awards Show!

Kristen Stewart sweet, sweet side boob in her red dress at some award show we could care less about!

I have loved Kristen for years.  The first time I saw her she was in a horror movie called The Messengers.  She had been in other films prior to that.  But, she was a kid and thus just off my radar.  So I am watching this horror movie and I cannot take my eyes off of this girl.  I just thought that she was so damn beautiful.  So I am watching the special features for the movie and she’s talking in one of the behind the scenes clips and mentions that she’s 17.  I felt so bad.  I mean for the past two hours I was in a mental relationship with her.  We had long walks on the beach.  We had sex a lot and cuddled afterwards.  It was beautiful.  And, now I find that she’s not even legal.  I was ashamed.  And, slightly more aroused to be honest.  But, mostly ashamed.

I vowed to not think of her again until she was over 18.  So by the time I next saw her in Adventureland it was on our love affair continued. Now I know she was in the Twilight movies. But, I haven’t seen those. No self-respecting vampire fan or even horror movie will watch or at least admit to watching a Twilight movie. Now I will admit that I plan to watch them. I believe there is the final part of the “Saga” that has yet to be released. I saw part of a preview for the next film and she had these red eyes and I think I jizzed a little in my pants. So, it comes down to the fact that my throbbing man hood is going to win out over my moral dispute with the films. Vampires that sparkle? What kinda shit is that.

Well, I will shut up now and get to the pictures!