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Nude Celebrities: TV Stars Gone Bad!

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Ok, I know it’s a been a few days I haven’t finished the TV Topless stuff. My bad. But hey, first off, no one is reading is this blog anyways. Second, I have a life, a son that is about turn 21 in a week and a half and I have been promising him a huge Vegas trip since his birth. And, I am so broke it’s not even funny.

Then a little bit of intervened the other day. I stop at the Chevron station the other night for some smokes. I buy a couple of lotto tickets. The first one, nothing! Typical. Second one, I get a free ticket. I go back in and I but like 3 or 4 more. I start scratching. Nothing, nothing, nothing and the fourth ticket. It starts off bad. Then I get to the end of the second line and BAM! 500 bucks! I am jazzed, I can go right back in to the store and get my money since it’s below 599. I get to the third line. I keep scratching not expecting anything. BAM! Another 500 bucks! I am thrilled and then I am kinda saddened. Had I won 500 bucks, I could cash it in right then and there. Now that it’s a 1000 bucks, I have to take the ticket to the lottery office, fill out a form and then sometime within the next 6 weeks I will get a check in the mail. Long after my sons’ 21st birthday. I have go to be the only person who was ever disappointed at winning more money than less.

So any ways, I have been busy with work, with the lottery, and my fucking xbox is still broke and I can’t get a new one because I am saving for the kids birthday. But, on the bright side, I have been using all this to give him a guilt trip and to show him the importance of birth control. So there’s a least a positive to come from all of this.

Ok, enough of the ranting, here’s what got in this great update! Jaime Pressly of My Name is Earl, Jennifer Aniston of Friends, Jill Hennessy, Joan Severance of CSI NY, Julia Benson from Stargate Universe, Julie Benz from Buffy and Dexter, Lara Flynn Boyle from The Practice and Laura Prepon from That 70’s Show.

Jaime Pressly

Jennifer Aniston

Jill Hennessy

Joan Severance

Julia Benson

Julie Benz

Flynn Boyle

Laura Prepon