Sabrina Cereseto Italia’s Next Top Model Topless Photo Shoot!

I don’t watch America’s Next Top Model. I am not gay, I am not a model or a fat 15 year old girl with dreams of one day fitting into skinny jeans. But, I have heard of the show of course. So I when I hear that one of the contestants on the current run of the show just did a topless shoot, well I had to grab the photos and post them here! So I grabbed those photos, got them all ready to be uploaded and was ready to go!

However, being the incredible fact checker that I am, I went to the shows website to look for her name. It’s not there. Really? Then I noticed the the headlines for the photos say “Next Top Model”, doesn’t say, America’s Next Top Models. I have been had! A little more research and I discover that she is on “Italia’s Next Top Model” Really? Who gives a shit about that? But then I took a look at her ass again and said, “I care!” So, here they are, enjoy!

Sabrina Cereseto Sexy Ass And Garter Belt

Sabrina Cereseto Bare Butt And Side Boob

Sabrina Cereseto Black Lingerie Hat And Camera

Sabrina Cereseto Getting Dressed In Sexy Black Lingerie

Sabrina Cereseto Topless Slides On Stockings In Bed

Sabrina Cereseto Reads Shirtless On The Sofa

Sabrina Cereseto Towel Dries After Shower

Sabrina Cereseto All Nude In Bed

Photos by by Luigi Miano